Nightstand Gun Safe

Best Nightstand Gun Safe: Biometric, Electronic, and Mechanical

Nightstand gun safe is the secure area to save your gun. It becomes the necessity when you have a defense handgun in the house and you need it to be safe but also easy to access. If you have the bedside for the gun safe, your handgun will be easily accessed by you and close by. You can react pretty fast when something bad is happening in order to protect yourself and of course your family.

Some people would prefer to buy the big gun safe because they think that it would bring more secure. But actually it takes longer time to open and besides, it also needs extra time in order to find what you are looking for inside the bigger thing. So, you should remember that this thing is specially designed for easy and quick access. Other than that, it will not bother you even though your place is dark.

Type of lock on the gun safe

There are at least three different types of lock on the gun safe such as the biometric, electronic, and mechanical. Each lock has different price and of course they have different pros and cons. In this section, we are going to explain about it.

Biometric on the nightstand gun safe is more functional and sometimes it appears to be lighter too. But this type of lock is more expensive than the other type. But if you are willingly to buy the higher price then go ahead.

Electronic lock on the gun safe is a thing that uses the chips called RFID. This is more modern and it tends to be more easily to open. But if the batteries are out then you have to change it immediately or it will not open. You cannot access the gun safe when gun safe cabinet with electronic lock is out of batteries.

But if you are a person who does not into technology that much then you can try the mechanical lock. It also refers to traditional style but it seems like never fail to open, since you are not using any robot or sophisticated technology in it. And the choice is yours for sure.


When you buy a gun safe, just make sure that is secure enough. The gun safe should not be easy to be removed from the drawer and your kids cannot access it. But of course, it should be easy to access by you. So, have you decided your nightstand gun safe?

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