Best Tasting Survival Food - Prepper Foods that can be considered as The Best Tasting Survival Food

Prepper Foods that can be considered as The Best Tasting Survival Food

Survival foods which are sold by survival food storage companies usually don’t have appealing packages that can trigger our appetites. They more stress the calorie-to-weight ratio than the taste to their survival food kits. If you have not satisfied with manufactured survival foods, you always can store prepper foods which actually can be considered as the best tasting survival food. These prepper foods are not only tasty, but also contain nutrients that your body will need when emergency occurred.

Canned fruits and vegetables

They are tasty. Their juice are fresh that can revive our stamina. They contain vitamins and minerals that really needed by our body to keep healthy in difficult times.

Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars provide additional energy and help you keep calm after the disruptive event that blows your world.

Frozen-dried fruits

Their looks may not be appealing but their taste is still like the fresh one. And the kicker? They contain nutrient compounds in the exact amount like when they were still fresh. If you look at internet, you can find the way how to freeze-dry the food in your own house.


Honey provides many benefits to us as survival foods. It doesn’t have expire times. It is natural sweetener when you need sugar in your foods. It also contains antibiotic properties just in case you need antibiotic.

Instant potatoes

They are easy to prepare. You only need hot water to reconstitute them to be mashed potatoes. Instant potatoes will satiate you for longer times.

Peanut butter

Who can deny that peanut butter is the best tasting survival food? Peanut butter is a great source of protein and it can be stored in room temperature once it is opened. It also can last for long time.

Pickled eggs

Pickled eggs can last for several months if you pickle them in proper way. They are also nutritious that will help you stay healthy in rough times.


Popcorn is a great snack after you faced the disruptive event. Popcorn is nutritious and delicious snack. However, avoid popcorn that needs microwave to cook it since you never know whether you can use microwave or not. Besides, microwaved popcorn often add salt for preservation that can make you feel thirsty when you know you have to save water in emergency situation.


Quinoa can last up to 8 years if you keep it in vacuum sealed package. It is nutritious and easy to prepare, therefore, it fits to be classified as best tasting survival food.

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